iPad Epos forBar and Restaurant

Our restaurant/bar POS system offers everything you need to print tickets, process credit cards, send orders instantly to where they need to go whether it's the kitchen or bar, track orders, and find out what your customers are loving the most. This will help better organise your establishment, make your customers more satisfied, and turn tables more quickly for increased daily revenue. Your staff will also have the ability to quickly upsell by finding products associated with what the customer is interested in. This will lead to more revenue and sales in no time.

A fully customisable software that has everything you need to run your restaurant, bar, café, quick service, or fine dining establishment. You can effectively manage the front of house by organising tabs and tables, while enjoying insightful back of house reporting. Along with the ability to open multiple tabs, your staff can also keep various tabs open at the same time and have them synced between multiple terminals, so everyone is on the same page. Our all-inclusive restaurant bundle offers employee scheduling, multiple tab management, inventory management, and everything you need to keep your operations organised.

Point of Sale Point of Sale

Ipad For Retail

Manage Your Store from Anywhere

Keep your business organised and profitable, both in store and on the web, with retail management software you can count on anytime. Rely on the system to optimise your operations with our Point-of-Sale app, appointment management solution, comprehensive e-commerce solution, and cloud-based management portal. Run your multiple business locations effectively from anywhere, anytime you choose.

Point of Sale

The POS software can help grow your business, manage your information, and increase revenue. The interface is also easy for employees to use and learn, so your business will have no problems getting up and running. Our all-in-one-business management solution will provide your customers with a hassle-free way of making purchases and your employees can easily add products to orders with barcode scanning.

Manage your inventory

Effectively managing your inventory and supply chain is essential to keeping your small business profitable. Our management software can help you manage the cost of goods and services, alert you to when you need to reorder, and automatically email your vendors and suppliers. Additionally, our system allows you easily access your inventory levels at any time, manage discrepancies between actual and reported inventory, and track the profitability of your goods and services—all in one easy-to-use package.

Comprehensive Business Management at Your Fingertips

You have enough to worry about, so leave your ePOS requirements to our experts! Our software can help manage inventory, sales, employees, and more – all from your iPad. This can help you make better business decisions. You can also enjoy complete bundles and additional POS solutions to ensure your success with the POS systems.

From customer-based interactions (such as opening tabs or scheduling appointments) to behind-the-scenes sales reports and marketing efforts, to inventory management tools, our system has everything you need to keep your business organised and running smoothly. The system allows you to simplify your operation, giving you more time to focus on long-term growth.

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